DC Special Series (1977) Issue# 15, Page: 50

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"I Now Pronounce You Batman and Wife!", marriage of Batman and Talia al Ghul, by Dennis O'Neil, Michael Golden, and Dick Giordano. Batman Spectacular...Summer 1978

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Do you have any more Golden pages you are willing to be scammed out of :)
One of my favorites! I had another Golden Batman page that was inked by Craig Russell but my cousin scammed me into letting him have it. I had a great half splash page from the Micronauts number 1 with every character on it but in a fit of insanity I sold it on ebay!
fantastic page!!!

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Page Details
Unique Page Identifier: 10450

IssueNo: 15
PageNo: 50
Art Type: Panel
Publisher: DC

Artist: Michael Golden
Inker: Dick Giordano

Year: 1978
Comic Era:
Page View Count: 1267
Characters: Batman, Raz

AddedDate: 3/1/2013
AddedBy : anmarkle


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