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Meet the Artists Re: Michael Golden
I don't like the big chins and "funny" looking characters he draws now. What happened to all the det...
artfan 8/16/2018
2:39 PM
Meet the Artists Re: Bernie Wrightson
I am sad to announce that Bernie Wrightson has died yesterday as a result of brain cancer. All the o...
batdave 3/21/2017
11:35 AM
Meet the Artists Re: Michael Golden
I saw Michael Golden at the Big Apple Con in New York City this past weekend. He was great to talk t...
artfan 3/13/2017
1:29 PM
Meet the Artists Bill Everett
Great pic of Bill Everett inking X-men cover. Never met him however.
cirnick 3/7/2017
3:12 PM
Meet the Artists Re: Jim Steranko
Nice :)
goodtogo 4/13/2015
12:36 PM
Meet the Artists Jim Steranko
FURY & STERANKO - Just had another dream come true today at the packed ECC show in Secaucus, NJ....
batdave 4/12/2015
11:13 AM
Original Comic Art Kelly Freas cover
 I have long been a fan of the Kelly Freas MAD covers but they were always too expensive to acq...
cirnick 2/22/2015
8:06 AM

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