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   Neal Adams

I can almost always count on Neal Adams to show at the annual Big Apple, NY Comic show (the show started by Michael "Mike Carbo" Carbonaro and I think owned by Wizard now). Neil is always free or cheap for his autographs and easy to talk to.

Last year I asked him if he had any of his new Batman Odyssey orginal pages for sale. He told me he was too embarrassed to ask for the prices his family wanted for them so he directed me to the person over in the next booth. The nice lady showed me some original pages and said they start at $15,000. I politely asked her if she was aware that many silver age pages don't go for that amount and she said that the family (Adamas family) did not benefit from the sale of pages from long ago so now they want to be sure they get their price. It will be interesting to see what happens if those pages hit the open market. Anyone see any yet?

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In case anyone cares...Neal can act out his comic action as well as draw it. Kapoow!!! 

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  You guys look like you have a lot of fun out there in NY. I live in KT but will have to fly out for your next Comiccon! Thanks for sharing the punch photos.
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  @Comicgirl...if you came last year you could have seen me almost vomit on Neal Adams (not kidding). I was hung over from the night before and feeling woozy at the show. While on line to see Neal I felt it coming and had to run to a nearby garbage can. I literally had to push the cleaning man out of the way who was about to change the garbage bag!!!! How embarrassing would that be to vomit on one of your childhood heroes???
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  I've seen Neal Adams a few times recently and I am always surprised at how young he looks (for being a silver age star :)). I am happy he is still drawing!
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BatDave & BatChick travel to Midtown Comics in Manhattan, NYC to meet Neal Adams and have him sign multiple copies of 'BATMAN ODYSSEY' in July 2010.

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At NYCC 2013 - The legendary and always-entertaining NEAL ADAMS takes a moment from sketching to say 'hello'. Neal was right in the middle of drawing 'The Mighty Thor' for a friend of ours and he seemed to enjoy my Marvel-themed costume of The Punisher.

    Neal Adams @ Baltimore 2013

My all-time favorite Batman artist NEAL ADAMS has a real 'tell it like it is' attitude, but in the dozen-plus times of meeting Mr. Adams over the past decade, he has been nothing but awesome with us. Foregoing the usual comic books or superhero prints, this time I had Neal sign his new die-cast metal 1970 Batmobile which he had designed for the legendary Detective Comics issue #400. A buddy of mine even dressed up as DEADMAN, and Mr. Adams seemed quite impressed with his real-life portrayal of Boston Brand.

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  Thanks for sharing all these photos BatDave. Fun to look at!
   Re: Neal Adams seem like a Neal Adams groupie...I'm down with that :) Neal Adams is one of my all time great favorites. Thanks for sharing the pics.

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