Sandman (1989) Issue# 5, Page: Cover

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Minor corner damage and soiling on the bottom right corner of the artwork, and a .25" rip in the margin at the top right, not near the artwork. The page had at one time been folded horizontally, crossing through the top quarter inch of the artwork.

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Issue: 11
Page#: 10 & 11
UPI: 14105

Artist: Artist Unknown

Art Type: Splash
Added: 5/31/2013 12:39:48 PM

Page Details
Unique Page Identifier: 16047

IssueNo: 5
PageNo: Cover
Art Type: Cover
Publisher: DC

Artist: Jack Kirby
Inker: Mike Royer

Year: 1975
Comic Era:
Dimensions: 10" x 15.25" (10" x 10" for the Kirby art alone)
Page View Count: 877
Characters: Sandman

AddedDate: 8/18/2014
AddedBy : kingkirby


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