House of Mystery (1951) Issue# 188, Page: 3

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This is page 3 of the story "House of Madness" published in the Sept/Oct 1970 issue with pencils and inks by Berni Wrightson. It was approved by the Comics Code on April 15th 1970 (43 years ago). It was probably finished by Berni in February or March of 1970. This is a very early page from Berni's DC Comics career. This is from the sixth story he drew for House of Mystery; almost a year before the story "Swamp Thing" appeared in House of Secrets #92 and 2 full years before Swamp Thing #1 was published. Now, there are a few condition problems I have to tell you about. First, it looks like Berni was up late working on this, because he spilled coffee on it. There are only two places where it's still visible; in the bottom of the top left panel and the caption of the panel below (and the margin between the two) and in the bottom panel and margin. You can see it on the scan on the steps and left knee and arm of Mark Chase. The page has been bent at the top right corner, a light crease runs through the head of Mark Chase in that panel. There's another small dent in that panel and another in the panel below it. There is also a little correction fluid on the page. In the top left panel on the top word balloon and the cape; and in two places in the bottom word balloon in that panel; on the words "Here" and "Time". In the top right panel you can see it in the word balloon on 2 words "of YOU!". The page has slightly yellowed in several places, but I'd still describe the overall look of the paper as Off-White. There are also 4 holes punched in the margins and the top left corner is missing, but defects of this nature are common on pages from this era, and since its outside the margin, it doesn't affect the art. There are also five extremely small pin holes top margin and two more in the bottom margin which also do not affect the art.

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Unique Page Identifier: 15448

IssueNo: 188
PageNo: 3
Art Type: Panel
Publisher: DC


Year: 1970
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