Speed Comics (1941) Issue# 23

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The logo and the side stats on the left are the ORIGINAL stats from back in 1942, with even some inking and whiteout touch ups on the logo and stats. The "PAT PARKER" stat on the left was inked to look longer. The "OCT" and "Speed Comics" corner logo in upper left also have some original inking on and around them as well.

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Page Details
Unique Page Identifier: 13766

IssueNo: 23
Art Type: Cover
Publisher: Harvey

Artist: Jack Kirby
Inker: Joe Simon

Year: 1942
Comic Era: Golden
Page View Count: 839
Characters: Captain Freedom; Shock Gibson; Black Cat; Biff Bannon; Pat Parker; Man of 1000 Faces

AddedDate: 4/18/2013
AddedBy : datacollector


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