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   Fixed price auctions and dealer prices

I think I have concerns about fixed priced auctions or Buy It Now auctions. I keep seeing auctions not selling and the sellers keep relusting at the same price. My issue is that the market demographics are telling wvery one that the listing price is too high for the market to bear, yet sellers keep relisting waiting for what I assume they would call a chump who is willing to pay more than market value.

i see many deslers do this time and again. These dealers claim to have fair peices. If that is the case why do they not let their art go for auction and sell it at the market price?? What they are trlling me is that market price is not enough, they will wait and wait until they find that one person willing to pay their price. That is their right, of course, but they should call it as it is and state theor prices are above market! I have yet to hear a single dealer claim that!!!

dies anyone else think this? Matbe a dealer or twl can weigh in? 



   Re: Fixed price auctions and dealer prices
  I have sold some pages on eBay and did relist more than once...however, I did always lower the price with each relisting. I felt if no one thought the price worth bidding on then down goes the price. Dealers have to make a living however, and may not have that option.
   Re: Fixed price auctions and dealer prices
  I think it is very very hard to accurately price artwork. People who set fixed prices (especially high prices) confuse the buyers/sellers with their asking price. I say let the art get auctioned and let supply/demand set the prices.
   Re: Fixed price auctions and dealer prices
  I guess if I was going to sell something I might want to set a price instead of auction. If it didnt sell for my price, i would just take it off the market.

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