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   TOD - Lightboxing

Does anyone know how many pages/covers to Tomb of Dracula (1972 version) were lightboxed by Palmer? Also is there a way of knowing without actually finding the pencilled pages for sale.


This database has both the pencilled and inked version of a page from TOD:


Below I also posted some phto examples from cover #65.


I am sure everyone agrees that lightboxed art is less valuable than non-lightboxed, right?

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Lightboxing appears to be a real hassle for us collectors

When this Cover #65 was selling on eBay this month, I emailed the owner and asked if it was lightboxed. He said he had no way of knowing. I assume he was truthful, but I would have been upset if I bought this only to find out later it is lighboxed.

I don't own any lightboxed pieces, so I am not sure if there are any good clues to go by when looking over the art. Can anyone who owns some lighbox art provide some rules or things to look for in detecting lightboxed art?


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This same TOD cover #65 is back up for auction on eBay:

I guess the person who won it last week found out it was lightboxed :(

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Here is another example of a Palmer lightoxed that I put up today:

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  Great research, Artfan...keep up the great posts. I can use all this education on lightboxing!!!!!
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OK, for people tracking this mysterious TOD cover 65...the mystery deapens (Beware).

I now see it listed up on ComicLink here:

This is crazy...after selling last week (for the inked lightbox only) on eBay for about $1500...I find it on ComicLink along with penciled version for $4,750 (Watch out!!!).

Also, notice the inked version now has a number 65 in the issue box...this was missing on the eBay sold version and notice this ComicLink version is not autographed by Tom Palmer (and the eBay version does not have a UPC box). (see below photos)

I am not sure if the Comiclink listing is old or just recently put up (does anyone know?)



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  Thanks Artfan for this valuable info. I think some of these facts could pertain to other covers so buyers should have all the facts. Please let us know any more on this topic if you can. Thank you.
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I just purchased this Cover to TOD #57 and I was told it was lightboxed. I am OK with this being lightboxed and knowing about it upfront. The cost was not too much so I think it was a good deal. I consider it a Palmer piece more than Kane.


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