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   Secaucus, NJ - Art Con

I attending this Art Con last Sunday. It was fun and interesting to see so much art and talk to dealers. Unfortunately, I did not buy anything. I like silver age art and the prices were just too far out of reach.

Anyone else attend? Any buys?

   Re: Secaucus, NJ - Art Con
  can u share any highlights....
   Re: Secaucus, NJ - Art Con
  Almost every online dealer I know of was there except for Romitaman (though he was there 6 months ago). The show was well attended and I did hear one of the dealers say to a customer that he sold more artwork this year than previous years. So, I guess that indicates that the hobby is growing. The guest artist was a golden age artist that I did not know and sorry, I don't remember his name. It is always fun to look first hand at lots of artwork. I just did not find any good deals :)

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