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   Michael Turner

what a great talent had the chance to meet him couple times (R.I.P). Stupid Cancer is killing us more and more.

   Re: Michael Turner
  Hi Will I agree with you. Do you know how old MT was when he died? Next time I find some OA of his on the net I will post them here in the CADB as tribute :)
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he was too young early 30's. when i first started to collect comics back in the mid 90's/ i always will look for topcow comics, witchblade,tombraider,darkness,etc

another thing that i love about Miachael Turner was his girls, his was really talented with the female figure.

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  Hi Will...I searched the database here and did not see any pages from MT. I am not familiar with his work. If you have any images, you should post them so we can check em out :)
   Re: Michael Turner

im afraid no Michael Turner OA. I did at one point own 2 sketches done by Michael Turner but sold them and wish i had kept them. R.I.P Michael

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  Will, I can't tell you how many times I have regretted selling pages also!!! We should take a poll and see who has the worst selling horror stories :)

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