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   Jack Kirby

I never got to meet the King of comics and I regret it to this day. Here is a photo of Jack I got off the web. If anyone has photos they took themselves, I would love to see them and hear your stories. I have read all the bios on Jack Kirby so I feel like I know him personally!

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  I agree about Jack Kirby. Does anyone know if a final page count tally has been done on his long career. My guess is over 27,000 (13 pages per week for 40 years). Anyone have a better guestimate?
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  so many pages in the market and they bring high end money, even pgs that dont look that attractive sale for at least $800 to 1k.
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  Exactly, Will, it is amazing that Kirby pieces keep leading the charge up. However, I read an interview recently which said one collector had more than 1,000 Kirby pieces in his collection. I wonder what would happen to Kirby prices if that collector put all his pieces out for sale. Would we see a big drop in Kirby prices/values? Or would they just get gobbled up at current pricing levels? For my part...I hope we get a chance to see soon so I can add some more Kirby to my Portflio!!

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