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   Michael Golden

At Baltimore Con 2013 - It took me almost 35 years, but I finally got artist Michael Golden to autograph a few copies of his classic 'Micronauts' issues. Despite a reputation for being aloof and elusive, we found Mr. Golden to be a real delight and a funny, down-to-earth guy. Plus his signing prices were very reasonable for an artist of his stature. 

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  I always loved Golden's 80s stuff...if I was there I would love to ask him why he changed his style. What's up with the big chins and lack of detail he is so famous for??
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  I agree with you comicgirl. I remember around the NAM series is where I first saw that style develop and I did not like it either!
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  This is a great Michael Golden addition to your collection @cirnick I wish this was mine :( This early stuff is some of his best work and I believe this Batman issue 295 was his first DC work ever.
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I saw Michael Golden at the Big Apple Con in New York City this past weekend. He was great to talk to and very chatty for once. Usually he always has his head down drawing when I saw him at past cons.

I asked him why he changed his drawing style from the 1980s style and he said the work he is doing now (like Wlaking Dead covers) is more suitable for it. He said he could still do work like in the 1980s if he had to but he believes his new look is better. I like his 1980s look better myself :)


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  I don't like the big chins and "funny" looking characters he draws now. What happened to all the detail he used to put into his work??

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